Friday, January 04, 2008

Kelburn in Snow

Fairlieward cottage upper Kelburn

I've been on the Drambuie since coming back from our walk up though snow covered Kelburn so if some of what I 'write' isn't quite right that's the reason.

Going against the weather forecast we DID have snow but down in West Kilbride it was just a hint of the white stuff, not enough to keep us in and not enough to make a snowman, so Anne and I went along to Kelburn hoping to keep out of the cold wind (2degc) but still enjoy a bit of snow underfoot and the nice views out west over the Clyde.
From the north end of Fairlie we climbed up the Kelburn track and gradually the snow got deeper, at our highest point near Fairlieburn cottage it was about 3cm just nice for walking through.
We had the option of several return routes down through Kelburn Estate or going on to Largs, but favourable conditions (sheltered from the wind, nice views) and the lure of Craigmiles cafe was too great and we ended up in Largs for lunch.
We caught the train back, that was a bit of a mistake, it meant a walk back to the car along Miller Walk, it could have been very nice except it started to rain half way along but still not enough to spoil a nice (short) days walk.
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