Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out on the road

Barcraigs reservior

The weather looked fine yesterday, Tom had a temporary reprieve from decorating so was keen to get out on the bikes. Nothing too hard just a relaxing potter from Beith arond Barcraigs Reservior, Howwood and Castle Semple (coffee and cake stop) about 20 miles of nice little quiet back roads.
The air temperature was around 6degc so it was a little chilly on the downhills but in the sun on the flat and climbing it was very pleasant.
Got back home about 1pm so had a bite to eat and set off again for another couple of hours down to Kilwinning, Dalry and the long climb over Fairlie moor.
Altogether about 4.5 hours on the road bike, a good start to getting a bit of ride fitness for the summer. Or as I like to think "the daffodils are out so time to get out on the road"!

A few photos here.


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