Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cleeves Cove

Cleeves Cove near Dalry

Because the ground is a bit drier and the wind was blowing Anne and I decided to have a walk through Blair (Dalry) then up the burn side to Cleeves Cove a small set of limestone caves beside Dusk Water (map reference 318475, Land ranger sheet 63).
To get the best out of the walk we tried to stay beside the burn as much as possible crossing back and forth and climbing the banks several times.
It took a while but was far more entertaining than following the field edges or walking along the road.
This time I remembered to bring a torch so was able to explore the caves, not that there's a lot to see but its good fun all the same.
There are three entrances all interconnected by two tunnels, a large one and a smaller one further back.
I couldn't tempt Anne into the cave, she's not very keen on dark confined spaces but I enjoyed the 10minutes or so of exploring.
We hadn't taken any snacks with us and it took us such a while to walk along the burn that we cut out the North Lissens and community woodland bit of the planned walk in favour of lunch back home.

PM, while Anne got on with some garden tidying I managed and hours run up into Kelburn, first hours run I've had in almost a year, I was very pleased with myself.
If I could just loose half a stone as well I'd be really chuffed.

Short boring video of the mornings walk here

Other videos here.


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