Monday, April 14, 2008

Lots of miles to Kilmacolm

Cycleway army near Kilmacom

I am not a fan of railway cycleways generally too boring, yesterday however in order to avoid some big hills but still cover a good mileage I opted for the cycleway to Kilmacolm. There was a reward, apart from the lack of hills, there are some scupltures on display beside or close to the cycleway.
I love the cycleway army fashioned out of railway scrap and the bronze sculpture 'Fruit Salad' in a lovely setting below double viaduct arches a mile before Bridge of weir.
To keep the energy levels up and bum pain down I stopped off at Kilmacolm for coffee and cake before the long rough stretch to Largs up and over the Brisbane Glen road.
The reward for this effort is a great run downhill into Largs.
I pottered the last bit through Fairlie and along the cycleway enjoying the nice views, got back a 4pm having done around 50miles and still feeling quite good!

SVB video here and photos here.

The route can be viewed here but I used the cycleway from Castle Semple to Kilmacolm yesterday.


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