Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picnic on Blaeloch hill

View from Blaeloch hill yesterday

Yesterday morning it was throwing it down with rain but by about 11am the sun had come out and so did I.
Because it still looked showery and the ground was wet I decided on a wellies and brolly walk up into Kelburn, there's a little more scope up that way, if the weather is wild the trees give shelter or if its nice there's the open moor.
I made my way up Fairlie glen taking macro photos then because the air was so clear and it was turning out nice and sunny I climbed high up on to the side of Blaeloch hill to admire the view....WOW!... what a view it was.
I found a nice spot in amongst some rocks out of the cool breeze and settled down for a picnic. I only say picnic because unusually I had brough a flask of tea, normally I just carry a bottle of water.

Well most of my macro shots were rubbish and are deleted but some of the others were OK, view them here and see a similar walking route here.


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