Friday, August 08, 2008

Galston and Kaim

Splash at Armsheugh near Hurlford

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It was ideal cycling weather today so Anne and I went over to Kilmarnock Dean Park to do a loop, mainly on minor roads but with a few bits of off road to keep me amused. The route description can be viewed here....oops don't seem to have a description for that one, a little job for tomorrow while its raining.

PS have created a description, view it here.

PPS The route above can be added to this route to get just about all thats its possible to get out of mountain biking in the Irvine valley.

On the way back Anne was kind enough to take a little detour and drop me off up Fairlie moor so that I could get a little adrenalne fix down the Kaim Hill trail, great as always. Returned over Goldenberry and the beach...absolutely lovely...what a lucky chap I am living here.

SB video here.


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