Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beautiful but dead

Young swallow roadkill

Yesterday I put the bike on the car and set off to Kilmaurs to do a loop around Kilmarnock. I had only gone a couple of miles when I noticed the ominous trailing grey below the clouds that signals rain. I did quick about turn, no point travelling to the rain when the sun is shining at home, mountain bike here I come!

Spent a bit of time taking MTB video beside the burn in West Kilbride Glen before heading down to seamill and the Beach track, Goldenberry hill and back to Cafe Whee (home) for coffee and cake. Just by the roadside I came across the sad little swallow pictured above still warm after being hit by a vehicle. It may just have been unconscious so I layed it on the verge away from passing cars in the faint hope it might recover.

The weather was getting better all the time maybe good enough for some dragonfly photos up at Biglees pond. I've had some success shooting video through my binoculars so stuffed them in my rucksack and cycled up through the quarry to have a look, all I got though was very wet feet and a few midge bites, no photos, well none that were any good. I also got a good half Kaim downhill for my efforts, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
Back home for 4.30pm via lovely Portencross in glorious sunshine in time for a beer in the sun before tea.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice video


6:47 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Plenty more too!

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