Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beasts of destruction

Baby beast on Fairlie moor

Haven't had my bum in the saddle since Sunday, I blame the weather and the fact that Sunday was a bit of an epic (46km 1800m). I'm always happy to give cycling a few days rest after a big day out so Anne and I have just been pottering about on some local walks...Fairlie to Largs, Lanfine and what I call the viewpoint on Fairlie Moor. I did a panoramic photo just recently, I'll see if I can find and upload it, nope don't know what I did with it but I found this instead. Took it Monday when out dragonfly hunting, some beak its got.


Today I went on trail patrol (because the cloud was down on hills and It was oh so very dull).
First I went up onto Fairlie moor to check if the Block-a-trail person had been active but all was OK my little ditch bridge for the MTB and the stone bottom at the burn were still in place.
PM I patrolled over my secret trails and to my horror the farmers beast has come through the fence and 'destroyed' the trail....I could have cried...what a mess!
Where once there had been a sweet little singletrack there was an unridable muddy mess...sob..sob!
I got out the trail tools, repaired the fence and set to work, 3hours later it was almost a trail again and I was knackered. Its still got a few soft spots but its just about ridable again, another similar session should see it back to a trail.
I wonder sometimes if its worth the effort what with block-a-trail prats and beasts of destruction, trail maintenance can be so frustrating and damn hard work!


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