Monday, September 08, 2008

More Dragons and Damsels

Common Darter by Biglees pond on Fairlie Moor

AM was still dull and drizzly but Anne and I had a nice short beach walk without getting too wet.

PM looked much brighter, very still and mild so I decided to go up to Biglees Pond and get a few dragonfly photos. Last time up there I saw some large lovely blue striped dragonflies and hoped to get another (better) look.
Sure enough there were lots of them about and I did get a video shot of a female laying eggs in the water, a nice one through the spotting scope then managed to creep up on it for a spot of video macro. I think the species was Azure Hawker. Unfortunately none of the males stuck around long enough to be photographed they were too busy fighting and hunting to be videoed.
Getting a good shot of them needs a lot of patience, I'm not sure I have enough of that quality for the job. I did have quite a relaxing afternoon watching, snapping and shooting video although if I go up again I'll take a seat, get nice and comfy and see what reserves of patience I have.

Short boring video can be viewed here.

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