Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hedging bets at Failford


Graham splashing along the River Ayr way

Decision making AM. A big shower had just passed over but it was looking OK south so thats the way we headed, off to Failford for a sheltered walk along the river and if it stayed nice perhaps as far as Stair Inn for lunch.
The Failford trail is absolutely lovely, soon to be even nicer when autumn colour take hold. Its a figure of eight first by the river and then up in the wood.

Along the riverside betwen Failford Gorge and Stair we saw an unusual site (unusual to us anyway) a flock of 13 heron by the river, normally I'd expect to see a solitary heron, it was quite a surprise to see so many flocking together as they flew off.
Then near Stair another unusual site, I saw a familiar face from life before leisure. He and his wife had the same thought as us, lunch at lovely Stair Inn. We spent a merry lunch hour together eating drinking and chatting about leisure, holidays and walking all the usual stuff, very nice to see him again.

Had a look for a Failford/River Ayr video and found this one.

View the walking route description here but it can be extended to Stair along the River Ayr Way - that's what we did today.

The video MTB description can be viewed here but I'd now recommend following the river Ayr Way from Stair to Failford.

Both routes are well worth doing.


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