Sunday, September 07, 2008

Around Cornalees

'Speedy' Graham

My long lost cycling chum (haven't seen him for 5 weeks for various reasons, work, DIY, visitors etc) and I went off up to Cornalees today do some singletrack, Kelly Cut and Leapmoor forest. Quite a bit of up and down lots of nice views and mild dry weather. Just plotted it on Anquet maps at 30km 760m climb, a good run.
The only bad bit was going down to Wemyss Bay beside the burn the lovely little track is just being neglected, the bridge is down there are great ruts and worst of all near the bottom there are 4 or 5 trees down making it quite an effort to get though. You'd think some of the locals would have got it sorted out they must walk it all the time.

In Leapmoor forest we had a feeding stop beside a little pond with a great view over the Clyde to Dunoon and way up north to the Arrochar Alps.
What a lucky choice of lunch stop, there was so much going on, damselfly and dragonfly a plenty engaged in procreation activities and below water I caught sight of a large water beetle doing the breast stroke. I've added it into todays video maybe someone out there can name it.

PS Just added the route into Triptracker with a few photos, view it here. Also I found some web info on pond life and think the bug in the video is a Greater Water Boatman.... oops thats not right! another site says the GWB swims upside down so this one may be a Great Diving Beetle, it had a yellow edge just like in the web photo.


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