Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogger panic

Amy MacDonald Mr Rock and Roll

Dunlop church

I was mucking about embeding a music player from seeqpod which looks OK but I screwed up and deleted some of the blogger HTML....yikes! all went sort of blank. Of course I hadn't saved the original like they suggest so I thought for a bit that it might be bye bye blog. Lucky for me it was easy enough to transfer to the new format which happens to look exactly like the old one. I only had to update the sidebar links....what a relief that was!

A few days ago I found a neat route logging site called Triptracker and this link will take you to view today's road cycle, a lovely 40miler from West Kilbride to Stewarton and Dunlop. Its one of my favourite longish cycles, 'Coffee Pot' cafe in Stewarton then up over tho picturesque Dunlop village and its church and beautiful little back road overlooking all of the Garnock valley, definitely in the running for prettiest road (view) in Ayrshire. There are a few photos that can be viewed on the Triptracker site. I am quite impressed with it but I was uploading GPS files and haven't tried any other way to get a route in there.

No video today just the photos here in Triptracker or here via jalbum

PS I just uploaded some Amy MacDonald tracks to modified the player and stuck it into this blog entry, I think its quite neat, I can click on some music if I want while reminiscing through blog entries (this page).


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