Sunday, September 14, 2008

No unauthorised persons!

Big machines... no people!

The forestry people were up to their normal tricks today over in Glen Massan near Dunoon, having cycled all the way up the Glen and onto the new forest track to Loch Tarsan there it was the "No unauthorised persons beyond this point" notice absolutely no chance I'd be paying any attention to that, especially on a Sunday, but there was indeed someone hard at work grabbing a bit of overtime. I gave him a wave as I passed.

This track is very new its not on the map and its not on satellite images, I found out about it from the Dunoon Art and Walking festival web site but as forest tracks go this one is very pleasant, nice and open with some good views. The trees still have a lot of growing to do so things may be different in a few years.

I decided against turning the route into an epic via Glen Daruel and Branter in favour of Coffee and cake at Benmore Botanic Garden Cafe and a downhill thrill beside Pucks Glen.

Very nice day in the saddle view a SB video here, don't expect lots of action though its more about the days scenery than mountain biking, just the way I like it really.
It was a bit overcast for decent photos today so I don't think they are worth a slideshow, the video is quite enough.

PS changed my mind, there are a couple of interseting photos of Benmore house so decided to upload and make a slideshow

PPS View the route with some photos on triptracker, also I've added the route to my humyo Dunoon GPX file which can be viewed and downloaded.
Sometime soon I'll get around to adding these routes to my web site.


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