Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deer on Goldenberry

Deer on Goldenberry Hill

Anne and I had decided to visit the arboretum over by Kilmun and Dunoon but heading up that way the sky was dark and it was showery on the other side so we made a quick change of plans in favour of a walk behind Skelmorlie. That way if the weather turned bad at least we would have saved on the ferry fees.
Just had a look in my web site and I don't seem to have a route for it. Its a nice walk so I may add a description of it to this entry and link back to it.

PM because it was bright and the tide was high I went down the shore to try getting some more bird photos, the tide was too high really, there was virtually no shore so decided instead to go up Goldenberry in the slight hope I might get some deer photos. Surprise surprise! I did get some very nice ones and a little bit of video too, was I pleased with myself. I tried to get closer by crawling on all fours but the deer soon sussed me, let out a bark and ran off, guess I need some camouflage for next time.

View slideshow and video below.

PS Just uploaded a map of the Skelmorlie walk.

Park at the community centre where there is a large parking area. Go out the back of the car park straight into woodland going left. Right in 100m up a muddy driveway. Go left off the drive way around the front (left) of a house. Easily follow the improving muddy track crossing the Kelly Burn in about half a kilometre. Up to the road (150m) go left to Kelly Mains leaving the road here along a wide firm landrover track lined with beach trees. In 2km at the road go left down to the rail bridge, just before it go left onto a track climbing through woodland and rhododendron. In 1 km go right along the edge of the wood (field on left) and in a further 1km go left at the road up to Kelly Mains. Return the way you came.
An alternative finish and cafe stop can be made down the north side of the Kelly burn just before the metal bridge go right down the side of the burn. This leads to Wemyss Bay with a cafe just a few yards on the right on the main A78.
Return by crossing the burn on the main road and going first left up hill to the start before doing so go and view the inside of the railway station its a classic.


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