Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lundeston bay and the cuts

View over Gourock from the Greenock Cut

Struggled today to decide if it was worth putting the MTB on the car and playing away but finally decided to just get on with it up to Inverkip area. Even on the way up the sky looked dark and it wouldn't have taken much to make me about turn. There was rain up the Kyles of Bute but by then I was well on the way so carried on to Lunderston Bay.
From there its a nice climb up the gorge at Inverkip then the road to Cornalees but I decided to branch off around the Greenock cut first. That way I'd have lunch of coffee and cake at the Centre.
To the north cloud was clinging to the hills with one or two small showers to be seen but luckily it stayed dry on my side of the Clyde.

The lady serving in the cafe at Cornalees was telling me about researching her family tree. She's quite deeply into it and by getting out to the localities where they originated has traced back to the 1600's.
My efforts have only been through the internet back to 1790's, I don't know if I've got the inclination to push any further, although I would like to know the origin of my surname. Maybe I'll get back to it..

Anyway I finished off the cycle via the Kelly Cut and ended up with about 4 hours on the bike. I also got a bit chilled it took quite a while at home before I warmed up properly, I think the days of cycle shorts is coming to an end.

Took quite a few photos but it was a bit dull and so are they.

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