Saturday, November 08, 2008

Auchincruive and Ayr Parks

Cycling by the River Ayr

This morning Anne took me (and the cheque book) along to an art show in Fairlie by her art teacher and purchased two very nice paintings of local scenes for her Christmas (mmm..we'll see if that's the case nearer the time). They are lovely but I don't feel the need mainly because the walls of our home are decorated by stuff I did years ago...not a patch on the purchases but free and personal. We haven't figured out where the new ones will go but its certain that there's a job for me in there somewhere.

PM took a spin with Katy and Craig around Auchincruive and Ayr Parks.
The forecast weather window was short so the loop we did meant we could bail at any time and scuttle back home.
As it turned out it stayed dry and we had three very nice hours on the bikes. Don't think I've got an exact route description on my web site but it included this route beside the river and this
route around the parks. Just got back as the light faded and the rain started, great.


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