Friday, October 31, 2008

Glorious day

Seal close to shore at Seamill beach

Like the title says it was a glorious day today cool crisp and clear.
Anne and I had an early(ish) walk down onto Seamill shore.
The tide was flowing and the seals were leaving the rocks to get on with catching lunch
A few of them came quite close to shore so got a few nice shots. If you look closely at them the seals eyes look a bit cloudy. I doubt this is normal and wonder if its something to do with poor sea water condition here abouts.
It certainly looks like they would benefit from a course of antibiotic eye drops.

Lots of other things to see along the beach but I found myself resenting the dogs and walkers. We were making our way slowly taking fotos whilst the dogs and walkers were passing by scaring off all the bird life....don't they know that's my job!

PM got out on the MTB up over my favourite hill and then into Kelburn for a downhill run on Fairlie Glen.
I've got another gripe here. I spent a lot of time clearing a trail of gorse, overhanging branches, and laying a stone ramp, now that its all nice and accessible its being used by folk out hacking on thier ponies ripping it into mud.....grrr! wish they'd go clear thier own trails and leave mine in peace.

In spite of all the grumpy old man rants I had a great day out and about.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, looked like a good day out. Great pics esp the Gulls and Arrans pic, its tremendous.


2:48 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Thanks, I like the gulls and Arran too.
Wish every day could be as nice but life just ain't like that.


5:38 PM  

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