Sunday, November 02, 2008

Autumn at its best.

Video of todays Irvine Valley routes

Today was what autumn should (I wish) be all about lovely still cool clear days and sitting astride a mountain bike puffing and panting to admire the next great view or even better a nice downhill track.
I just love it when it works out that way, and it may surprise some people to discover that Irvine valley has loads to offer the mountain biker, go to my web site to discover it, but maybe you already know.
Graham and I today stayed on the south side of the valley on a sort of figure of nine missing out the north loop round Loudoun hill.
Great days cycling with a little bit of the unusual.... see the video above.

It seems the farmer up near Dungavel has decided to give access (no doubt at a price) to his land for off road vehicles, there were lots of landrovers and trials bikes scooting about. Those trials bikes look like a lot of fun, but after they've gon round the field half a dozen times what do they do, maybe just go faster until they fall off.


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