Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brass monkeys

Bales in field near Kilwinning

The beautiful morning tempted me out on the road bike over to Stewarton and Kilwinning. It was lovely to the other side of Dalry then the cloud moved in and with the temperature near freezing (I could tell by the ice on the road) without the sun it got really cold. Thought I'd warm up with soup at the Coffee Pot cafe in Stewarton. There were a couple of old ladies in and it was like a part sketch out of 'Still Game'. They were chatting about all the dead folk they used to know and describing where their plots were in the graveyard, trying to remember their ages when they popped off. Funny.. I nearly died! hee hee.
After the cafe it seemed even colder but eventually, near Kilwinning I warmed up enough to take off my top jacket. From then on I just pottered along making sure I didn't sweat up again.

Made a short boring video, view it below.


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