Friday, November 21, 2008

Irvine and the Pencil

The Pencil at night light painted with torch and flash

Very cool today with a stiff breeze.
We decided to go down to Eglinton Park near Irvine for a walk followed by a spot of light lunch at 'Small Talk' down by the harbour, this would give me an opportunity for a few photos as well.
I took the Infra Red trial kit along hoping for a few shots in Eglinton if it was bright enough. Got a IR (poor) shot of the castle but nothing else worth saving.
See blog entry below for a link to my trial (not very good) IR photos....oops thats not right- click here to see my trial Infra Red set of photos (they ain't very good though).

Had a bit of a run (I think I can call it a run rather than a jog) just before dark then went up to largs to do some night photos from the Pencil. I'm quite taken with this light painting thing it takes about 30minute to get the photo I want and even then the final thing can be a bit of a mix of several shots. I'm loving the creativity of it though, as opposed to just snapping a shot in a second and moving on to the next one.

See todays photos here, a mix of Irvine and Largs at night.

If I don't get out on the bike soon I'll have to change this blog's name to something more photo orientated, suggestions welcome!


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