Thursday, November 20, 2008

Infra Red

My first infra red photo

Yesterday was an ideal opportunity for bike maintenance -- it rained all day.
I went over to Kilmaurs to my favourite bike shop Walkers Cycles for a few bits, pedals, tubes, hydraulic fluid, and a tyre for the road bike.
My MTB had a rear brake hydraulic problem where the lever would come almost all the way in then recover then do it again especially once the pads were a little wore.
Turned out simply to be lack of fluid, topped it up and now its fine whew! glad it wasn't a bike shop job.

I was checking out infra red cameras on the net and discovered that its possible to take IR photos with a digital camera. If the TV remote IR can be seen through the camera it can take IR photos.
By putting an IR filter in front of the lens (no light leakage allowed) and using a long exposure time an IR photo is obtained. Two bits of very black colour photo negative can be used as an IR filter.
That's how the picture above was taken.
It should be black and white but I liked the red tint so left it in. I expect I'll try a few more soon just for novelty.

Been doing some more photo light painting latest photos here.


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