Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stewarton cycle

Old farm machinery near Dalry

There was a lovely clear sky this morning so first thing (after bereakfast) I dashed down to Porencross to try out Mark III exposure extender.
Managed a few nice shots.
There are a couple issues still to sort out but I think its a great success.
Even in bright morning sunshine I was getting 4 second exposures, still a little too short but all I need to do is reduce the slot width. Halving the width gives double the exposure time, easy!

Late morning was still nice enough to get on the road bike over to Stewarton and lunch at the Coffee Pot cafe return via Kilwinning. 4.5hours on the bike.
I'll just check if I've got a route description on my web site...mmm.. don't have an exact match, closest is this one from Eglinton.
Had to dodge thorns three times and carry the bike 25m to avoid certain puncture, all on little back roads that don't get enough traffic to clear them away. Also got a bit of a fright from a tractor cutting the hedge, just as I passed the driver decided to swing across to my side of the road oblivious to my presence, nearly ended up in the ditch, bloody farmers and their hedge cutting GRRR!

Took quite a few photos during the cycle trip. The best dozen can be viewed here.


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