Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dippers in the Glen

Dipper in the Glen

Just had a breezy walk along the beach this morning hoping for some bird photos.
Not a great success except for a dipper in the WK Glen Burn, didn't get very close so the photos didn't turn out as nice as I'd hoped.
Even so I was on hands and knees to get as close as I did, hope no one was watching, I might get stuck with the 'eccentric' tag.
At least I know where to find them for another go when there are less folk about and a bit less breezy.

PM went up to Glasgow with my son to TISO for a rucksack, a few other walking things and a pair of running shoes just in case I take a notion to get out and train a bit. The trouble is I hate paying £80 for a pair of running shoes then going off down the beach to get them stinking of shore and seaweed never to be let back indoors...Anne has a sensitive sense of smell so the shoes end up relegated to the bike shed.


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