Friday, June 24, 2005

A desire fulfilled

For a few weeks now I have had a notion to go across to Dunoon and do a part off road loop by Ardentinny and Loch Eck, so today was the day.

The Western Ferries had four boats running so I was straight on both ways, on the ferry took a look at the map,

"Damn brought the wrong bleedin map!".

Thought I'd sneak a look in one of the shops but they didn't have any so it looked as if it would need to be off the cuff,
however just beyond Ardentinny there was a chap walking looking at a local map so got a good look and tried to memorise the route up to Glenbranter.
It was some climb! and some downhill afterwards, dangerously fast with sharp bends.
Great views along Loch Eck justified the hard work, almost.

Pissed about a bit looking for the trail back along west Eck its not very well signposted beside Glenshellish farm
The cycle route signs seemed to direct me into Glenbranter, so I just asked a local.
At the south end of Eck the road goes into Benmore Botanic garden, past the big house before exiting into Glen Massin, bit strange cause you have to pay if you come in the other side.

Back to the ferry after 5 hour in the saddle ready for grub and a little alcohol to relax, not much on the box though.

Click here to view the route description.


Blogger Jinxx said...

I love Loch Eck, stayed up there at the caravan site for a fortnight one year, never thought of going around it on my bike, as Homer would say D'Oh

9:31 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Its got a lot going for it, its in the highlands with big hills lots of trails, although many are in the forest and boring, and its not far away, ok for a day at least from WK.

9:42 PM  
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