Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gleniffer views

View over Paisley from Gleniffer Braes

Haven't been out on the bike much since Monday, one little adrenaline outing on local technical stuff for a couple of hours on Tuesday, car shopping Wednesday and a walk at Gleniffer Braes today, it was quite clear so took a few photos, will put them on my albums shortly. Thats them done so view them here.

I've been jogging almost every day around 4pm all this week just before tea, I think I've progressed from a jog to a run/jog, but its still hard going.
Another week then maybe I'll get to a run and be able to do a bit more every other day.
At this rate though I don't think I'll see any fitness improvement on the bike for some time, I'll just have to be patient and keep up the hard work....sigh!


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