Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A passing visit to Titanic

Titanic Maybole

Tom warned me as we started off today that his car hadn't been starting very well recently as if telling me would give good luck or something, I think I'd rather not have known.
No worries with the weather though, it was sunny but not too warm.
Today's loop started at Mossblown in south Ayrshire, lunch in Jock restaurant Kikmichael consisted of tea and apple crumble with cream.
Then through Maybole, where we passed the new housing the locals have nick named 'Titanic' you can see why from the picture above.
From Maybole we slogged over the Carrick hills on the cycleway and into Ayr for a spot of pedestrian dodging along the prominade, it was chock a block around the Pavilion area, being at the sunny seaside I just had to have an ice cream....mmmmm lovely, shame about all the biz and noisy kids demanding sweets drinks and ices, but that's the seaside for you!

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Route description here


Blogger Jinxx said...

Had the exact same problem on the promenade, it was so damn busy that it was dodge the peds

10:00 PM  

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