Saturday, August 26, 2006

No pain

Portencross harbour

Quiet couple of days, Anne was making jam this morning with the brambles weve picked over the past couple of days, so I went a little blast on the MTB over local technical stuff finishing with a following wind along the beach, just great, hardly anyone about so blasted along the beach till I ran out of legs, not that long really, eased back but was still skelping along most of the way home.

PM we went up to Castle Semple for a short walk around Parkhill wood, it only takes about an hour, being Saturday there were lots of folk out and about, windsurfers, canoeists, cyclists, dog walkers and us.

By the time we got back my tummy was looking for food, but I wanted to have a little jog which isn't easy on a full stomach so had a very small piece of ginger cake to calm the tummy grumbling and went down to Portencross.
Boy! what a great little run... NO PAIN... just rythmic easy(ish) movement and breathing, no speed though, maybe that will come in time but I was definately running.

Some pictures here (cycle)


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