Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Traipsing through the purple heather

Kirkton Hall in West Kilbride

Started this morning on the web checking for broken links on my site, found a good free tool called Xenu and have now sorted all but one (of 600 links). Then had a go at sorting the bike, a broken spoke and suspension seatpost. As always it wasn't as easy as I thought, had to take off the freewheel, the brake disc and the axle to get the spoke in place so it took a bit longer than I'd anticipated, but by 11.30 I was clear to get out and about.
We decided to have a walk up Caldron hill, its 329m high and only a short walk from the village, exploring for a loop return left us in knee deep purple heather, pretty but not great walking.
There were some very nice views on route and lots of mating Dragonflys, managed a few pictures - including some hard core insect porn!
View them here.


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