Thursday, January 04, 2007

1st MTB 2007

Goldenberry Hill View

It been windy and wet since the beginning of the new year so Anne and I haven't been far.
My bike was in need of some maintenance, chain, chain ring, gears, all the stuff that gets destroyed in the mud.
Finished the repairs yesterday and went out for my first run of the new year today as Anne was off shopping.
It was very breezy and I was having difficulty just going straight, was forced to walk some easy bits just because I couldn't stay out of the heather on the moor.
Down through the trees on a secret trail was a relief to get out of the wind, then did a loop over Goldenberry, nice views, and along the beach home for lunch.

PM had a walk with Anne on Fairlie moor and last gasp a little wind assisted jog along the beach, nice day in spite of the wind.
Took a little video or some photos here similar route description here.


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