Saturday, January 05, 2008

Diamond Hill Burn

Diamond Hill waterfall

Overnight all the local snow has melted but its still disrupting travel on inland high routes, here though its mild and showery.
I'm not very good at staying indoors, I just get bored so even though it was pelting down with rain I got out for a few hours up behind Fairlie clearing mud from MTB trails and laying a few stones to firm them up a bit.
On route I visited all my favourite waterfalls then went exploring the north side of Diamond hill burn on the way back down.
Its a lovely little gorge with quite a substantial waterslide about 100ft long and a few wonderfull little waterfalls, all going quite nicely after the thaw and rain.
Neadless to say I took a lot of photos and video but in the end there were only half a dozen worth keeping.
I was out for three and a half hours pottering was rather pleasant, view pictures here.


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