Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Cuts revisited

Bug on daffodil

Graham and I decided to revisit the Loch Thom Cuts today
the weather looked cool, still and clear.
We started at Cornalees and did the greenock cut, had a coffee at Cornalees centre then went off down the Kelly cut.
In a bid to stay off road as much as possible we cut up into Leapmoor Forest by way of a rather muddy litle track.
The direct way out of the forest is just an easy landrover track but I decided it would be nice to go down to the scout hut via a short stretch of (iffy) singletrack.
It was nice but what I didn't see on the map was that we had to go all the way down to sea level and climb back up the road, argh!
Wasn't quite that bad though, we had a bit of singletrack climb from Inverkip through the gorge with a few photo stops to distract us.

Nice day out view the SB video here.

Our outing was a combibation of Route 1 and the Kelly cut/leapmoor forest route

Anne's been bottling some dry bramble wine and I've been drinking the three quarter bottle left over, mmm very nice but its got a bit of a kick so I'm away for some coffee before the headache sets in!


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