Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Flowers bugs and Kelburn

Bug feeding on marsh marigold

Nice and mild today, Anne and I had a walk along some of my secret routes this morning only to dicover that Mr Block a Trail is in operation again.
I'll need to go into trail patrol mode and try to catch him at it and hopefully politely discourage him.
I don't know what kicked him off this time but I can almost understand it because on the Fairlie Castle trail horses have been using the path into Kelburn and just chewing it to bits. However a block a trail person has padlocked the gate at the top of the glen so that should stop it. Can't say I'm sorry so I guess I work on dual standards depending on what suits me....ho..hum.

PM got out on the MTB along to Kelburn to do the two downhill trails I've been grooming recently, my it was hard work doing the double climb, but it was just about worth the effort but the best bit is still the Fairlie Glen run down past the castle.
Needless to say I got very grotty from all the new mud and on the way back I got some funny looks from a group of young lads out on their gleeming bikes, but they'll learn about muddy fun if they keep at it.

Route description here.

Took a few macro photos in the garden before the bike run, view them here.


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