Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clyde coast delights

Red damsel beside a Fairlie moor pond

The picture above was taken when Ann and I were up Fairlie moor on Monday past we sat down in the sun beside a pond on Fairlie moor in the hope that I might get a snap of a dragonfly but they were zipping about too fast for me, but as I sat there the damselflys were settling next to me so I got a snap or two of them instead.
I am quite pleased with the results although it as a combination of two, one for the head and body and another for the wings and tail, still OK though.

Today was bright and breezy (and showery) so I decided to take a walk along the hillside to Largs, Anne was going to join me at Fairlie glen, she wanted to keep some energy for tennis in the evening.
The air was beautifully clear until a shower came my way and wrecked my brolly, it was on the way out anyway. I kept dry by crouching down below what was left of the brolly and luckily the shower only lasted a few minutes, didn't half sling it down though.
There is to be a Fife yacht regatta from Largs this week end 22 of these magnificent old yachts (some more than 100 years) will be racing around the Clyde for the next week so if I've got nothing better to do this Saturday I may go along and try to get some nice photos.

Photos from the walks here.

Info on the regatta here.


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