Saturday, June 21, 2008

Downhill at Dundonald

Dundonald DH trail

Anne and I had a walk at Dundonald hill during the week and found there were a few trees blocking the trails and it was a bit overgrown in places. So yesterday I put the MTB on the car and my trusty little saw in my bag and went over there to 'do' the trails.
When its dry like it has been Dundonald hill trails are marvelous, lovely bits of singletrack now linked together by the new and firm smugglers trail pathway.
On the way around to start trail clearing I noticed a little trail I hadn't seen before and set off down it.
What a surprise! somebody has been busy carving out what seems like three graded downhill tracks sort of blue, red and black all short but very sweet especially iftaken from the top of the hill on the original trail.
The nice bit about these tracks is that its all hidden from view and hasn't affected any of the other trails on the hill, almost like its planned, doubt it though.
They are 95% complete but still a work in progress, great fun to be had now but come a bit of wet weather and I think parts of the black run will turn into a mud slide.

Took a bit of video but it doesn't do them justice cause I'm a wimp and don't jump.

Route description with DH location here. go and have some of the best fun to be found here abouts.


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