Monday, June 23, 2008

Fife yacht regatta

Fife yacht 'painting'

Saturday morning Anne and I went up the road to Largs to watch the start of the start of the round Cumbrae Fife yacht race.
What a buzz there was at the marina and even more so out on the water as the yachts made ready for the start. I took a bit of video through my spotting scope at the marina then went up the Hailie Brae to get a bit more high on the hillside.
They are magnificent classic yachts with an average age of over 90, all wood of course and all built on the shorefront at Fairlie by the Fife family of boat builders learn more on the history bit of the regatta web site.
The web site has some great photos of the events so far and is being updated daily as events unfold. Not quite LIVE but as close as you will find.
The photographer is using Jalbum 8.0 to get the photos onto the web site, its a great way of uploading albums to any web site try it out, its free!

My little SB video offering can be viewed here.

As for mountain biking, PM after watching the start of the yacht race and in view of the weather forecast saying the good weather is about to break, I decided to go get a Kaim downhill fix before the trails turn to mush during the coming week of rain.
A SB winter video of Kaim can be seen here.


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