Sunday, August 10, 2008

Battle of Mugdock 2008

Battle at Mugdock Castle

Anne and I had a walk through Mugdock and out along a bit of the West Highland Way today. It was nice and bright to start but it didn't last. Just as well we had out brollies with us.
There was some sort of historic re-enactment going on near the castle, 20 or so folk dressed up in medieval costume. From the little I heard it sounded as if they were loosely following a script. By the time we walked round to the castle there was a bit of sword play going on. Nice to see something a little out of the ordinary.
The rest of the walk held no more surprises unless I count the heavy rain that is but it was very nice anyway.....I'm easily amused.

View a SVB video here....nope its still transcoding so see a MTB one from three weeks ago here until its done.

Can't say it was worth waiting for but finally the video is ready to view.


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