Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Easy road biking

Ardrossan south beach

When I get up in the morning I often have a bit of a browse on the computer between breakfast and Anne surfacing, after that I check the met office weather forecast and if its anywhere near nice I take a walk around the house checking the air and the sky to make a decision on what to get up to, other plans excepted.
Today was semi clear humid and warm, to me that meant too sticky for walking but a good day for a cycle. Anne and I put the bikes on the back of the car and went 1/2 an hour down the road to Eglinton, one of my favourite cycle start points as it has lots of options. Today I opted for a standard run of mine over to Stewarton's coffee pot cafe for lunch and a decision dependant on the weather outlook (the sky).
The sky followed the Met office prediction (bit iffy PM) so after a light lunch in Stewarton we headed back via Walker Cyles in Kilmaurs. I needed some inner tubes for the mountain bike and Anne's saddle is getting a bit tatty and she wanted a replacement.
Neil Walker was in the shop, he's a bit of a hard cyclist (top ten finish in the Fort Bill 24hr thingy), and says the Cycling club are off up Cairn Table this evening.
As I write this they will be well on route to the top and the downhill reward. Apparently someone has offered six beers to the person who makes it up without dabbing, I think in view of the sticky conditions its unlikely the prize will be claimed but it should be a good challenging outing.

Winter video of Eglinton.

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