Monday, August 11, 2008

A hard day's pottering

Fairlie Glen Waterfall

Saturday past Anne and I went round to some friends for a wine tasting evening in order to make the final selections for the wine entries into the flower show next week. Needless to say it was a merry evening. Colin the leading light in the wine making group mentioned that the Fairlie Montgomery Estate are quite likely to be putting in a 120kw mini hydro scheme now that energy prices are on the way up. They will be 'stealing' the water from Glenburn Biglees falls. Oh what a shame if the waterfall turns from a roar to a trickle for a few pennies worth of energy, sorry Colin I hope it never happens!

MTB video with the waterfall here, exactly one year on from when I made it, ain't that nice!

Today started a bit drizzly so I decided to get out with the brolly and wellies up to Fairlie falls (picture above) and into Kelburn, as I meandered along it got quite bright and I was tempted further and further up through Kelburn onto the moor. By the time I got back to the car I'd been walking for three hours.
Post lunch I got out on the MTB for a bit of easy stuff but again it was so nice I ended up doing quite a bit more than I expected and was out for another three (lovely) hours over my secret trails.

PS Now that the wine has been brewed and tasted its on release so I'm enjoying a lovely dry bramble as I do this blog entry.....its absolutely magnificent stuff...and strong, just as well I'm done as good sense is eluding me.


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