Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waterfalls and Damsels

When it stopped throwing it down about 1.30 today I thought conditions looked good for a bit of dragonfly spotting up on the moor. I hadn't reckoned on being unable to cross the burn though and had to take a detour downstream to the bridge. That was OK because on route I visited 'Big Biglees Falls' it sure was going some.
In the end I didn't get any dragonfly photos but did get a few nice ones of Damselflys.

About a year ago I put a little wooden bridge across a gap on the way over from Biglees Quarry so I can get over without having to lift the mountain bike, today I found some block-a-trail person had pulled it down also a little stone base I put down in a stream has been removed.
I put them back but I doubt they'll last, I'm surprised the bridge has lasted a year.
Some country folk don't like these towny mountain bikers 'improving' their bit of ground, I've known towny ramblers doing the same block-a-trail kind of thing as well.
The kind of people who rudely say nothing and give a black look to a polite hello when I'm passing on the bike.


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