Monday, August 25, 2008

Strone Point trails

Kin Burn

While starting this blog entry I discovered that all my blog photos are in an album in picasa photo site so I thought it would be nice to link to the album so here it is.
I think I'll put it onto my sidebar as a nice quick blog summary, lots of cycing memories came flashing back as I pulled down through it.

A few days back I was looking at the Cowal Walking and Art Fetival web site, in it is a description of a MTB route around Strone point and back over the hill on a quad track. I sussed out the hill bit on satallite images and yesterday I went over there to give it a go thinking I'd maybe tag on some more trail exploring on the way back.
Some great views along the way, from high on Strone Point is a view up the Clyde toward Greenock and down the Clyde toward Arran.
The muddy quad track on the west side of the hill has a nice outlook over Strath Eachaig and Holy Loch, it also has axle deep mud pits of that horrible rusty brown peaty mud that stains your toes a nasty yellow colour....yuck...yuck...yuck!

I discovered a few good trails but the trouble with them is the boring forestry roads getting there, still it opens up more options for making up routes.

Took some video view it here.


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