Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wonderfull women

View to Largs from Fairlie Moor 'viewpoint'

I'm always intrigued by the way women think and the results of that thought process.
Anne regularly gets (eventually) up in the morning and the first thing she does is tidy all the dishwasher stuff into where it should go. The tidy gene is at work here.
I on the other hand I have been sitting passing (wasting) time at the computer for about an hour (the idle man gene is at work here).
The thing is I've been up for an hour so maybe that balances the equation.
Post breakfast (Anne's) we agreed on Fairlie moor for a walk, Anne loves walking and I love planning them as well as doing them, so in the equation I may be slightly ahead here.

View slideshow of our lovely walk here.

PM after both sitting out in the sun during lunch I was thinking about having a little loop on the bike but hadn't said a word. Anne had other plans with a garden theme so somehow my bike run got converted to laying some crazy paving (Anne's idea) and hard graft of the digging out bushes type of thing (I think this may have been my suggestion but not necessarily my idea). So in the equation I judge myself behind.
Tomorrow though I think the equation may rebalanced, I've got plans but they depend on the weather, Anne however has commitments and being a woman they take priority so with any luck I'll get a bit of gallivanting done and equilibrium will be restored.

Funny old thing this gender business.... maybe yin and yang complimentary qualities describes it.... or perhaps its just the give and take of married life.


Anonymous Gordon said...

Hi Whee
Just a breath of fresh air to read your exployts and see the views you snap. I have fond memories of Largs as a child, we stayed with a relative for a week for a good few summers, and that is some view looking down on it. The wildlife snaps are great close-ups.
Yes, you are lucky your wife has comon interests. Some nice trails in the previous bloggs, this loch Esk seams to be the one to go for.
Still no sign of me or my mates coming over yet. the weather here is wet wet wet. Can i sugest marking the Tea rooms on your maps.
Many thanks for the effort you put in to the bloggs, I look forward to seeing the days events and the videos.
do you have an email address?

10:24 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Hi Gordon
YEP there hasn't been two good days strung together for ages and yes again Loch Eck is a good day. Some of the other stuff over that way has lots of climbing and enclosed forest track...ooh so boring plus the forestry people are in there ripping it to bits. Ardyne points is OK but a bit out of the way.

The Greenock and Kelly Cuts would be a good day followed by Loch Eck would make a nice couple of days. is my email. Here from you soon.


10:44 PM  

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