Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ardyne MTB routes... Dunoon

Ardyne point routes map

Ive been on Anne's home made wine this evening so I hope this blog entry makes some kind of sense (not that it matters much).

Dunoon is only a 30minute drive and a 20minute ferry away from West Kilbride but its enough to make it a 'special' trip for mountain biking, not quite my back yard but its in the 'Highlands' so has a bit of an attraction for me.
I've been over quite a number of times investigating trails the best of which, in my opinion, remains the Loch Eck Loop.
Last week end I went over to check out some trails above Ardyne Point having been told that there was a link not on the map between the forest tracks, sure enough there is a very nice linking singletrack between the southern forest tracks.
I now feel I'm almost ready to publish an Ardyne point route guide on my web site but not quite yet there are one or two little bits of track I haven't gone down although I can't see there being a problem.
I have generated some GPX files including one of all routes combined, it can be previewed here.

A video of the Ardyne singletrack can be viewed from yesterdays blog entry below.

PS There are a couple of real epics over there for those brave (foolish) people like me who don't mind carrying their bikes to get an outstanding return.

They are Carrick Castle and this monster epic.
If you can enjoy these you can enjoy anything!

Two videos of these 'silly' routes can be viewed here and here respectively.

Gosh! I'm exhausted just doing the links on this blog.


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