Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sun, frost, and a spot of mountain biking

Arran from Blackshaw hillside

WOW! what a day to be outdoors on the mountain bike frosty and sunny.
Graham and I went up over Busbie muir windfarm...what a view over the Clyde to Arran and up the Kyles of Bute.
There have been three new turbines added to the windfarm over the summer and the new sections of track link very nicely to Blackshaw and the (muddy) Kings road back down to West Kilbride, it saves a very steep climb up over Knockewart hill.
It was still kind of hard going in places the grass was frozen and it took quite a bit of effort to pedal through it. Same near the top of Goldenberry hill but that didn't stop us having a great downhill after admiring the view and taking a few photos at the top.
Back home through Hunterston Estate for coffee and cake before Graham had to head off back down the road to home and the long drive back to Bristol and work. Shame but I suppose someone needs to keep the wheels of industry turning, in Grahams case though its more about money in the bank.
I've never met anyone like him for finding a bargain, he'll buy anything as long as its discounted.

Route descriptions can be found here.

Slideshow of the last few days photos here.

Today's video below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice video, A looked great.


3:36 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Sure was nice and crisp and firm and cold.

10:25 PM  

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