Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A slip in the weather

Portencross through a filter

What a disappointment I was expecting another crisp clear day today but IT RAINED!
I abandoned the mountain bike plans for the morning anyway, then the postie came with a parcel, a set of photo filters for my camera. Needless to say the mountain bike plan disappeared altogether in favour of some more photo experiments, and so the learning continues. AM and PM was down at Portencross playing about making a mess of things, its called trial and error.....the errors were plenty trying that's for sure. Learned some things though... I think?

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PPM just to make sure I got my pulse rate up once in the day Anne dropped me off down the west end of the beach for a jog back home. I noticed today that I seem to be getting the running withdrawal symptom where I start pacing about looking out windows wondering when I can get out for a run. I haven't had that feeling for a long long time, maybe I was imagining it.


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