Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Snow slowed play

Dipper in West Kilbride burn today.

Intended to go over to Bradshaw and Fairlie today reason being it was superbly cold and frosty so I expected the muddy trail to be easy(er) going.
It wasn't to be.
There was another factor at play that made the going just too hard, frosted snow.
One or two inches of snow was lying on the trail and it was so hard to pedal through, could just about manage on the flat but any uphill was just a push.
After the Glentane hill section I abandoned the idea of Bradshaw and just cut back down to Hunterston. Even then I couldn't cycle on the road it was too icy instead I cycled off the side where there was frosted snow and a bit of grip.
The going was so icy and bad that I just headed home and went out for post lunch walk down the beach. Very nice it was too loads of birds about and managed a few photos of the dipper in the burn.

PPM even though I'd made a conscious decision that I couldn't be bothered with a run my body, mind or endorphin addiction demanded it, so I did as demanded and took myself down for a jog along the golf course.
Very nice it was too out there at last light, soft frosted grass below my feet and a snowy Arran view to the west with a little cloud coming over, threatening snow perhaps?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brave stuff going out on the bike in this weather. Scenery looks great though.


11:49 PM  
Blogger Whee said...

Not a good choice to go as high far too icy. Its part of lifes experiences though to do some daft things and hopefully learn by it...
mmmh should have learned more by now!

7:09 PM  

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