Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1st road cycle 2008

Burning bush on Goldenberry

Today was an ideal day for the road bike, just above freezing, beautifully clear and virtually no wind.
Phoned Tom, he was keen to get out, picked him up in the car and transported us and the bikes across to Dalry for a cycle over to Stewarton on little quiet lanes that make road cycling around here so very pleasant.
We just pottered along keeping the cadence up and pace down, the pleasant sun and three layers kept us nice and warm.
Stewarton is blessed with the 'Coffee Pot Cafe', an ideal stop off point for some light lunch and little break before heading back on some more quiet roads.
Our route was an easy figure of nine just about 30km long, a lovely start to road cycling for 2008!

A similar route can be viewed here.

Got back about 2pm, so after a coffee Anne and I had a stroll up Goldenberry to see the sun set, thats where the burning bush picture came from stunning finish to a lovely day!


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