Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Rainbows over Goldenberry

Rainbow from Goldenberry Hill

The picture above was taken Sunday past (6thJan08) during a delightful MTB outing along what I'd call a classic trail (classic to me that is) West Kilbride to Fairlie over (scary) Glentane hill.
If you get it wrong its a long tumble down the hill, just catch a pedal on the uphill side and off you go, bike as well!
Lovely views over the Clyde Coast, lots of surface water and mud but it was great to up there, something about punishing pleasure comes to mind, or perhaps endorphins and adrenaline, whatever it is it works for me!

It was quite a surprise after slogging up Goldenberry hill stopping at the top for a look at the great view and there it was, a stunning complete rainbow, and it didn't even rain on me, all the pleasure and none of the pain. I love it when that happens!

Got out today on the bike but only for just over an hour before the forecast PM rain, just made it home dry.

SB video here but with some odd viewpoints.


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