Monday, January 14, 2008

Trail grooming in Kelburn

Kelburn mud

The past couple of days have been wet especially today it was thowing it down this morning but there was no wind so I decided to go back into Kelburn to continue yesterdays trail grooming work. There's a trail leads down to Fairlie castle, yesterday it was more like a stream than a trail so I did a bit of water diversion off the track and today I went up to finish it off and to open up a mud bypass.
It centainly passed most of the day but there's still lot of mud since they had a machine in doing 'ground improvements'.

Got back about 2pm and decided to get downthe beach for a little jog, oh dear it was SO hard! I definately need to do more to get some fitness, just can't seem to get to that mental/physical place where its a 'must do'.
Maybe it will come if I keep at it.

Some Kelburn photos here

Short video of Kelburn 'Graffiti Castle'


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