Sunday, January 13, 2008

Frosty Muirshiel

Muirshiel in frost and mist

We had a bit of a storm during the week and I was left with a little roof repair job, just a ridge tile to replace.
That done though I arranged with Graham to get out on the bikes Saturday over the moor from Muirshiel Country Park to Kilmacolm.
Its a figure of nine loop up over the moor and down for a stop off for coffee and cake at Kilmacolm's 'Java Minute' cafe.
On the way up there in the car it was very misty, our fingers were crosssed that we'd get above it 600ft above Lochwinnoch, luckily thats just how it worked out.
It was beautifully crisp up on the hill, our tyres made a marvellous crunching frost sound as we cycled along through the trees then onto the moor.
The views were limited but very pretty, eventually though we descended into the mist as we flew downhill to the Kilmacolm lunch stop, a nice bit of apple and toffee tart with coffee.
Unfortunately on the way back the mist had taken hold across the moor and we missed out on the pretty outlook, not only that the frost had lost its crunch and was a lot slippier it needed a lot more concentration to keep the tyres from sliding away, still a lovely outing though!

SB video here.

Katy and Craig are going over to Glentress today, hope the weathers better over there, its cold wet and windy here today. A brolly and wellies day I think.


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