Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Harlequin Cafe

Kaim hill rocky ramp

I was searching maps yesterday looking for a route away from todays forecasted fresh breeze or somewhere north south to minimise the effect of the west wind.
In a flash of inspiration it came to me....local trails West Kilbride to Largs stopping at the Herlequin cafe for lunch.
Graham came over at ten and we set off up to Biglees quarry, oh dear someone's been doing 'track improvements' and its a bit of a muddy mess, luckily its only a surface thing, progress was messy but not difficult.
We continued level to Fairlie, slogged to upper Kelburn (Fairlieward) and then super fast down the Kelburn forest track to the Haylie Brae. The Kelburn track was a bit erroded and rutted in places due to recent heavy rain, just added to the adrenaline buzz rocketing downhill into Largs and the Harlequin Cafe.
Coffee and apple tart with cream..... yummy!
On the way back the Kel Burn had lost its stepping stones so rather than get our feet wet we took the cycleway up to the main road and to keep away from the traffic we went into Kelburn, good decision, more off road and some lovely singletrack down behind Fairlie castle.
It was a lovely way to avoid the Fairlie main road, I'll definately be using that little route variation again.
Finished over Goldenberry and along the beach track, 4 great hours out on the bike!

Local trail detail here.

Video of the route here (summer).


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